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let the night sparkle
23.05 Sunday 12th September
Written at 4:08 PM on Monday, September 14, 2009

LOLZ I am so breaking the rules. Who cares.. Anyway, there’s this guy which I regularly known. I don’t even know his last name and there he goes cursing at me. And I was like wow there.. Don’t mess with a girl that are on her blood day. Bad move.
He is like so IMMATURE!!!!! Sush.
And yes I am on blood day. (-_-)
Plus.. The day is hot.. Yea. We went to the town just now and bad move I made. Letting my hair fluttering away with the sweats when the wind blows towards me. But there's no wind and I am sticky all over my oh-so-very-st00pid body. It was so hot I have to tie my hair up when we reached home and I change my shirt to a sleeveless shirt. But still I am still am still sweating. And got angrier because idk at that time my body is doing another job..down there. H0h0
Plus..[again] the line is stupid. I will get my anger mode into a new level. wild bear lost her child. I kept sending msg to GeniusBoy but still.. Pending. But he can send msg to me which made me angrier. 5% more then my anger mode will level up.
Tomorrow school.
Would my day get any better??