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get into it now
Written at 3:21 PM on Sunday, September 5, 2010

hey.. I decided to re-activate this blog. ^_^
I will post anything I want. heeeee...
But right now I have no idea...yet. haha
No worries, My brain will always be functioning and looking
for more ideas.

Till then...

wait2. hehehe I suddenly want to write something. LOL

The weather is okay.

hahaha just kidding.
well, It's almost Hari Raya. And fasting is almost over. Its a holy month for the Muslim.
and its holiday.. a holy day for us. haha XD
I can hear the neighbor plays a karaoke song. and.. http://www.emocutez.com
haha really funny. It's like every month they will karaoke. until midnight!!!
I don't know what it's in-conjunction about. Just for fun I guess. LOL.
Most people will karaoke if they have somthing to celebrate. But them?? I don't know.
fun-a-holic? hehe..
Well anyway, My sis will be coming home on 11th Sept. cant't wait  I'm waiting for her and the things she bought. hehe...