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Various agenda in One post
Written at 10:38 AM on Thursday, January 27, 2011

hey. Quite a while eh..
I have a journal and I have a blog. WTF??
haha.. But I  like to blog more cuz..writing manually makes me sweat. hehe.. means tired. LOL
At last I receive a letter from my Korean friend.
Her name is Been. ehehe.. Yeoja chingu. ^_^
She gave me this cute keychain..

my friend said.. 
This is a pattern after Korean Traditional item.
I don't know if you can see the sign clearly. 
I tried to make it look visible.
It means Fortune, Blessing, Wealth and Happiness..
I am really happy with this present.
I hang it on my phone. yay!! ^_^

check this link out!! its the same as mine!! 

Just now my sister and I went to town.
to check the mailbox. hehe
Then we bought this drink that I cannot tell ya..
Its a milk actually. I bought this chocolate milk flavor.
I looked at the expire date.. -10.07.11-
But when i take a sip at home it taste..
FREAKINGLY DISGUSTINGLY SOUR!!!!!! http://www.emocutez.com
no.. it tastes more like.. a vomit!!!
what can you expect with the date.. is it 10.07.2011 or 2010.07.11
WTF?!! I know.
Luckily I only take a small sip.
And even lucky I didn't just drink it!!!
This is not the manufacturer's fault but the store's fault! http://www.emocutez.com
This is just shit man...
I always thought that the owner of the store were snobbish.
And that they're only thinking about wealth. Jeez!