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let the night sparkle
Written at 3:43 PM on Saturday, December 11, 2010


hallu peepz..
I went blog surfing these couple of days and it was em..pretty fun actually.
seeing photos and all.
well I found some of their post were about what they what in the future. 
Like weddings, having big houses, cars and all that.
well I found some bedrooms they like to. 
But they're too pinkish!!! 
I'm sorry but I'm not actually a big fan of the color pink.

If I would choose a pink bedroom then I would choose this one:

It's not so pinkish. Not so bright PINK. ^_^

Cool right? It looks like a house for two or three friends.
there's a ladder to the room up there.. I like that one.

I think this one is really cool too. Looks bright and comfy.

This one looks like a bit Morocco-like bedroom.
I like.
I like this one because it looks creative and fun!
those crystal-like necklace or whatever it is makes it really beautiful.

One of my favorite.
Really modern yet creative. I like this!!!!

Last but not least..my favorite.
It looks awesome right.
Like who don't like this???!